Terms & Conditions

Fielden Hall


The Fielden Centre Association

Registered Office: The Fielden Centre, Ewood Lane, Todmorden, Lancs., OL14 7DD

Tel. No: –  01706 839802 

Charity Reg.No.1073420; Co.Reg.No.3652969



 We can cancel bookings without notice or liability if the due payments are not made on time. The agreement is a contract between the Fielden Centre Association and the hirer. Sub-letting is not allowed.


For every booking, an official application form must be filled in and returned to us within 14 days of being issued if not any provisional booking which has been made will be cancelled. You can book a series of events on one form. When you send the form back to us we will then confirm your booking by email or letter. Do not assume that sending in the application form means that we can accept your booking.

You can only use the hall for the purpose you have booked. You must satisfy yourself that the hall is suitable for your event, and meet all your legal responsibilities in connection with your event. We only take instructions from the hirer.

You must inform us at the time of booking if you wish to bring alcohol into the building.

If your event is a public event and you are charging for entry and/or selling alcohol you must apply for a temporary events licence.


All cheques should be made to The Fielden Centre Association. A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total charge is required, when you return the signed agreement. We will confirm your booking together with the balance owing. The balance must be paid at least two weeks before the day of hiring.

We can accept a single payment for a series of bookings, please ask when booking.


The hirer must take good care of the hall and everything in it. We do not accept responsibility for anything that you bring into the hall or leave with our staff.

Lost property will be kept for 8 weeks.

A refundable security deposit may be required to cover costs should there be any loss or damage. The deposit will be returned back to you after your hire if everything is satisfactory.

The Fielden Centre Association carries Public Liability Insurance; however, you must accept liability for any loss, damage or injury to property or people that may occur as a result of your booking, unless we have been negligent.

We cannot be liable for any loss due to any breakdown of machinery, failure of supply of electricity, leakage of water, fire, government restriction, act of God, strikes or lockouts, the declaration of a period of mourning or anything which may cause the Hall to be temporarily closed or your event be interrupted or cancelled.


During the booking, you are responsible for supervising your event. This includes:-

  1. i) The effective control of children, the safety of people entering and leaving the Hall, and the orderly and safe clearance of the Hall in case of emergency.
  2. ii) The safety of the Hall and the preservation of good order and decency.

iii) Making sure that all exit doors are kept unfastened and unobstructed and all corridors to exits are clear during the period of hire.

Anyone employed by you in connection with your booking will comply with any reasonable requests made by our staff.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that any accident or dangerous occurrence is reported in the accident book.         


You can not put up any form of decoration or fix anything to any part of the building, inside or outside, without our permission. This includes flags, banners and advertising.

You must not bring dangerous, flammable, unseemly or offensive articles into the hall.

No portable electrical appliances are to be used without permission. All appliances must conform to the Electricity at Work Regulations.

Except for Guide Dogs, no animals are allowed into the Hall without permission.

If you use caterers, you must tell them to clean all kitchen utensils and equipment they have used, and leave the Hall in a clean, tidy and hygienic state.

If you are hosting an evening event we reserve the right to ask you to keep noise levels down for the sake of nearby residents. Very loud music is not allowed and any entertainment must finish for 11pm. If you have a bar it must stop serving alcohol at 11pm and the hall vacated by midnight.


Copyright work cannot be performed without the licence of the owner of the copyright. It is up to you to make sure you have a licence.


If you want to cancel your booking, please do so in writing. We will return any outstanding balance only if we are informed of your cancellation no less than two weeks before the date of your event.

If you cancel a booking for one or more of your events, or if a booking is cancelled by us because you have not complied with the Conditions of Hire, then you will still have to pay all of the charges payable according to our letter confirming the booking.

We can terminate your booking at any time (without liability), for several reasons, including:-

  1. i) If the event is of a different nature from that given on the application form.
  2. ii) If any performance would be a breach of copyright, or if any performance or lecture is of an immoral or objectionable character.

iii) If we do not think sufficient precautions have been taken to promote safety and/or to prevent damage from any cause.


It is your responsibility to read and comply with the above guidance and conditions. You must make sure they are complied with by everyone entering the Hall during the booking. If they are not complied with, we have the right to cancel the booking or any future bookings made by you without being liable for any loss.


At the end of the booking, if you haven’t paid for the clean-up service, you should leave the Hall clean and tidy. You will take away all personal effects and/or equipment brought into the Hall and any rubbish that is a result of your event.


You may request the clean-up service for after your event. The service costs £100. A full clean is done and rubbish taken away. Personal items and decorations are put to one side for collection. This service is compulsory for weddings and other large events. It will be discussed at time of booking.


We want to improve the quality of the service we provide, please send any comments to the address below.

If you want to make an official complaint to the Fielden Centre Association, please write directly to the Chairman at The OldSchool, Ewood Lane, Todmorden, Lanc’s. OL14 7DD