They all studied at the School of Art between 1922 and 1932
Do you have any of their Artwork? If so, we would like to record it!
This list is just a snapshot from a brief period. Do you know of other people who attended and have any of their art or craft work? Please tell us!

Art schools provided new opportunities for women as teachers and students.
Here we have 43 women out of 88 students!


Anthony Alston Helen B Ingham
Nora Barker Mary Jackman
Fred Barker Alice M Jones
John G Barker Edward Kershaw
Edith Bottomley Mary Kirk
Sally Bowden Doris Law
Hilda Crowther Arthur Leaman
Jessie Campbell Abel Leeder
Annie Crabtree Kathleen Lever
Fred Crabtree Leslie Lord
Adrian Clarkson Will Lord
Edward Clapham Harold Maynard
Edward Cooper Florence Marshall
Mabel Crossley Kathleen M Marshall
Watson Crossley Kenneth Marshall
John G Dale Albert McDougal
Robert Duxbury Margaret Mitchell
Allan Eastwood Jack Ogden
Alice May Edwards Janet Pickston
Minnie Edwards Amy Plowes
Joseph Elsworth Kathleen Powell
Fred Elliman Kathleen Ratcliffe
Marjorie Farrar Harry Redman
Jeremy Fielden Hilda M Schofield
Mark Fielden Thomas Shackleton
Eileen Fielden John A Sharp
Emma I Firth Fred Stansfield
Charles Foulds Maud Stansfield
John N Gledhill Amy Sutcliffe
Philip Graham Annie Sutcliffe
Mary Greenwood Dorothy Sutcliffe
Frank Greenwood Ernest Stephenson
Lawrence Greenwood Herbert Swindells
Maggie Grey Mary Thorp
Harold Hartley Joan Thorp
Frank Heaton George H Town
Albert Highley Emmeline W Thompson
Hilda Holt Evangeline B Thompson
Walter Holt Frank Varley
Thomas Horne Annie Walton
Hilda Horsfall Nancy Whitehead
Hannah Horsfall James Williams
Bernard Horsfall Edith Wilson
Alice Howarth George Wood

Fielden School of Art Examination Results – Some sample years.

Published Friday 15 September 1922

Internal examinations held in connection with the West Riding County Council. SINGLE SUBJECT EXAMINATIONS. Object Drawing.-2.nd year, pass, Fred Barker. Edward Clapham. Watson Crossley, Fred Elliman, Thomas Horne, Leslie Lord, Kenneth Marshall, John A. Sharp. Drawing from Nature, and Natural Form.- 3rd year, pass, Fred Elliman, Philip Graham, Annie Walton; 2nd year. pass, Fred Barker, Watson Crossley, Mabel Crossley, Marjorie Farrar. Thomas Horne, Hannah Horsfall, Abel Leeder, Florence Marshall, Kathleen Ratcliffe. Maud Stansfield, Annie Sutcliffe, James Williams. Memory Drawing.- 2nd year. pass. Mabel Crossley, Walter Holt, Kathleen Ratcliffe (with distinction). Design. Intermediate, pass, Anthony Alston. Painting from Still Life.–2nd year, pass, Fred Barker. Watson Crossley. Emma I. Firth, Hannah Horsfall, Maud Stansfield. Drawing from Life (Head). Section I. Pass, Marjorie Farrar, Fred Elliman. Philip Graham. Walter Holt, Leslie Lord. Florence Marshall, Katheen Ratcliffe, John A. Sharpe, Maud Stansfield, Annie Sutcliffe. Drawing from the Antique (Details.)-2nd year, pass. Fred Elliman. Philip Graham, Walter Holt, Leslie Lord, Florence Marshall, Kathleen Ratcliffe, John A. Sharpe, Maud Stansfield, Annie Sutcliffe. Drawing in Light and Shade from Cast.- 2nd year, pass. Watson Crossley, Fred Elliman (with distinction). Marjorie Farrar, Philip Graham (with distinction), Walter Holt, Abel Leeder, Florence Marshall, Kathleen Ratcliffe. John A. Sharpe, Annie Sutcliffe, Leslie Lord.

Published 9 September 1927

Drawing from Natural Specimens —Pass.: Nora Barker, Robert Duxbury, Alice M Edwards, Harold Maynard. Drawing from Nature and Natural Form, including Memory Drawing (3rd year).—, – distinction: Frank Heaton, Nancy Whitehead: Pass: Sally Bowden, Hilda Crowther, Jeremy H   Fielden. Drawing from Nature and Natural Form, including Memory Drawing (4th year).—Distinction: James Williams; Pass: Edward Clapham, Mabel Crossley, Watson Crossley. Minnie Edwards, Harold Hartley, Jack Ogden. Amy Plowes, Emmeline W. Thomson . Drawing from the Cast (3rd year).—Distinction: Frank Heaton Pass: John N. Gledhill, Harold Hartley. Drawing from Life. Head (4th year).—Pass: Edward Clapham, Mabel Crossley, Minnie Edwards, Jeremy H. Fielden, Amy Plowes. James Williams. – Painting from Still Life (4th year).—Pass: Kathleen M. Marshall. Painting from Still Life (5th year).—Pass Watson Crossley, Hilda Holt, Emmeline W Thomson. Applied Design (3rd year).—Distinctions: Frank Heaton; Pass: Sally Bowden. Mabel Crossley. Alice M. Edwards. Jack Ogden , Amy Plowes, Nancy Whitehead. Applied Design (4th year).—Distinction. Harold Hartley ; Pass : Edward Clapham , Minnie Edwards. Applied Design (5th year).—Distinction Emmeline W. Thomson, James Williams.

Published 30 August 1929

Drawing from Nature and Natural Form, including Memory Drawing (3rd year).– Pass: Jessie Campbell, Allan Eastwood. Mary Greenwood, Mary Jackman, Doris Law, Thomas Shackleton, Amy Sutcliffe. Drawing from Nature and Natural Form, including Memory Drawing (4th year).— Distinction: James Williams; Pass: Nora Barker, Fred Crabtree, Hilda Crowther, Minnie Edwards, Harold Hartley, Amy Plowes, Ernest Stephenson, Emmeline W. Thomson, George H. Town. Drawing from life (head and details) (4th year).—Distinction: Maud Stanfield; Pass: Annie Crabtree. Minnie Edwards, Mark Fielden, Amy Plowes, James Williams. Painting from still life (3rd year).—Pass: Jessie Campbell, Allan Eastwood, Hilda M. Horsfall, Ernest Stephenson. Ditto (4th, year).—Pass: Amy Plowes, Mary Thorp. Applied Design (3rd year).—Distinction: Dons Law; Pass: Mary Greenwood, Maggie Grey, Mary Jackman. Ditto (4th yearl.—Pass: Nora Barker, Hilda Crowther. Minnie Edwards, Hilda M Horsfall, Amy Plowes, George H Town. Ditto (6th year). Distinction: James Williams. Pass: Harold Hartley, Emmeline W. Thomson.

Published 28 August 1931

Drawing from natural form, 2nd year junior. —Distinction,: Eileen Fielden, Dorothy Sutcliffe; 2nd class: Adrian Clarkson, Charles Foulds, Bernard Horsfall, Joan Thorp, Frank Varley. Drawing from memory and imagination, 2nd year junior. -1st class: Mary Thorp; 2nd class: Bernard Horsfall. Drawing from nature and natural form, including memory drawing, Ist year senior.— 1st class: Hilda M. Horsfall, Mary Thorp; 2nd class: Frank Greenwood. Drawing from nature and natural form, including memory drawing, 2nd year senior.— Distinction: Joseph Elsworth; 1st class: Minnie Edwards. Lawrence Greenwood. Edward Kershaw, Doris Law, Amy Plowes; 2nd class: Jessie Campbell, Mary Jackman. Drawing from life (head and details), 2nd year senior.— 1st class: Maud Stansfield; 2nd class: Minnie Edwards, Joseph Elsworth, Amy Plowes. Elementary design, including lettering, 2nd year junior. -2nd class: Thomas Atack. Painting from still life, 1st year senior.-1st class: Edward Kershaw; 2nd class: Jack W. Scholes. Painting from still life, 2nd year advanced.- 1st class: Joseph Elsworth; 2nd class: Hilda M. Horsfall. Painting from still life, .Ist year advanced. —1st class: Jessie Campbell; 2nd class: Mary Jackman. Painting from still life. 2nd year advanced. — 1st class: Minnie Edwards, Amy Plowes. Applied design, 2nd year junior.—1st class: Agnes Brearley, Douglas Jagger, Brenda Veevers. Applied design, 1st year senior.—1st class: Frank Greenwood, Rowland Henry, Doris Law, Grace Stevenson; 2nd class: Hilda M. Applied design, 2nd year senior.-1st class: Lawrence Greenwood, Edward Kershaw. Applied design, 1st year advanced.-2nd class: Hilda Crowther. Applied design. 2nd year advanced.—Distinction: Minnie Edwards; 1st class: Frank Heaton.

Published 24 June 1932

Elementary design, including lettering, 2nd year Junior.-2nd class: Phyllis Ashworth, Wm. H. Coxhead, Ronald Scholfield, Fielden Uttley. Object drawing, 2nd year senior.-1st class: Joseph Elsworth, Amy Plowes. Drawing from nature and natural form, including memory drawing, 1st year senior. —distinction: Arthur Sunderland; 1st class: Charles F. Foulds, Dorothy Sutcliffe, Annie Whittaker; 2nd class: Adrian Clarkson, Helen B. Ingham, Joan Thorp. Drawing from nature and natural form, including memory drawing, 2nd year senior. —distinction: Lawrence Greenwood, Edward Kershaw; 1st class: Jessie Campbell, Mary Thorp, Doris Law ; 2nd class: Allan Eastwood, Hilda Mary Horsfall. Drawing from natural form, 2nd year Junior.—distinction: Gwendolyn L. Thornton; 1st class: William H. Coxhead, Elsie Norah Crawshaw, Joseph Fielden, Edith Greenwood, Sarah Alice Veevers; 2nd class: Susan Eastwood, Phyllis Stansfield. Drawing from cast, antique details, 1st year senior.-1st class: Gwendolyn L. Thornton; 2nd class: Allan Eastwood. Drawing from life, part 1, head and details, 2nd year senior.-2nd class: Jessie Campbell. Joseph Elsworth, Amy Plowes, Arthur Sunderland, Annie Whittaker. Painting from still life-1st year senior: Allan Eastwood. 2nd year senior.—1st class: Hilda Mary Horsfall, Edward Kershaw. 1st year advanced.-1st class: Joseph Elsworth  ; 2nd class: Mary Thorp, 2nd year advanced.-1st class: Jessie Campbell, Amy Plowes. Applied Design. 2nd year’ Junior.-1st class: Joan Thorp; 2nd class: Walter Banks. Cornelia Love, Arthur Sunderland, Dorothy Sutcliffe, Annie Whittaker. 1st year senior.—1st class: Charles Fielden Foulds, Helena Teasdale, Frank Varley, Brenda Veevers; 2nd class: Adrian Clarkson, Joseph Elsworth, Hilda M. Horsfall, Amy Plowes. 2nd year senior.-1st class: Helen B. Ingham, Doris Law, Grace Stephenson. 1st year advanced.-2nd class: Edward Kershaw.

Published 7 September 1934

Fielden School of Art. EXAMINATION RESULTS. MR. EDWARD CLAPHAM’S FINE ACHIEVEMENT. The following are the results of the examinations of the National Society of Art Masters for the session 1933-34: Plant and Nature Drawing in line or tone -2nd class: Edward Clapham. Object Drawing in colour—1st Class: Edward Clapham. Memory Drawing —1st class: Edward Clapham. Plant and Nature Drawing in colour – 1st class: Edward Clapham. Pattern Design —1st class: Edward Clapham. Illustration —1st class: Edward Clapham. Theory —1st class: Edward Clapham. Mr. Clapham has been awarded a first class certificate.